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renewing expired drivers license ny prison school

renewing expired drivers license ny prison school

Prison School Wiki

  The private all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy stands on the outskirts of Tokyo, a strict boarding school for sporting elite young women that upholds traditional rules on its campus. However, the new academic year sees the reform of one tradition: the admittance of male students. Though the few accepted boys including Kiyoshi Fujino are thrilled by this discovery, only five boys enter the cohort with a 1:200 boy-to-girl ratio on the first day of school. To their dismay, their adolescent dreams are crushed when they are unable to interact with the schoolgirls due to the written threats of the misandric Underground Student Council. The infiltration of the girls’ bathing area by the five boys results in their internal imprisonment in the school’s Prison Block, where they receive an ultimatum from the USC to stay a month in the prison or be expelled.

  The main article for the manga series can be found here.

Prison School



Directed by

Original air date

1″The Peep Job”

  Transcription: “Nozoki daisakusen” (Japanese: ノゾキ大作戦)Tsutomu MizushimaJuly 11, 2015 ()
2″The Man Who Viewed Too Much”

  Transcription: “Shirisugiteita otoko” (Japanese: 尻すぎていた男)Daisuke TakashimaJuly 18, 2015 ()
3″Effusion Plan”

  Transcription: “Daifunshutsu” (Japanese: 大噴出)Hideaki KurakawaJuly 25, 2015 ()

  Transcription: “Watashi o sumō ni tsuretette” (Japanese: 私をスモーに連れてって)Atsushi KobayashiJuly 31, 2015 ()

  Transcription: “Gakuen ichi no uragiri otoko” (Japanese: 学園一の裏切り男)Naoki MurataAugust 7, 2015 ()
6″Vengeance Is Hana’s”

  Transcription: “Fukushūsuru wa Hana ni Ari” (Japanese: 復讐するは花にあり)Daisuke TakashimaAugust 14, 2015 ()

  Transcription: “Meiko no oishī resutoran” (Japanese: 芽衣子のおいしいレストラン)Toshikazu HashimotoAugust 21, 2015 ()
8″The Diary of Andre”

  Transcription: “Andore no Nikki” (Japanese: アンドレの日記)Masahiro Shinohara

  Shinano SuzukiAugust 28, 2015 ()
9″Blazing Fluids”

  Transcription: “Taieki ga ippai” (Japanese: 体液がいっぱい)Hodaka KuramotoSeptember 4, 2015 ()
10″It’s a Bum-derful Life!”

  Transcription: “Subarashiki shiri kana, jinsei!” (Japanese: 素晴らしき尻哉人生!)Daisuke TakashimaSeptember 11, 2015 ()
11″Eringy Brockovich”

  Transcription: “Eringi Burokobicchi” (Japanese: エリンギ・ブロコビッチ)Katsushi SakurabiSeptember 18, 2015 ()
12″Good Morning, Prison!”

  Transcription: “Guddo mōningu purizun!” (Japanese: グッドモーニング プリズン!)Tsutomu MizushimaSeptember 25, 2015 ()
OVA”Mad Wax”

  Transcription: “Maddo wakkusu” (Japanese: マッドワックス)Shinano SuzukiMarch 4, 2016 ()

renewing expired drivers license ny prison school