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dmv requirements for california id how to tell if a georgia id is fake?

dmv requirements for california id how to tell if a georgia id is fake?

How to Spot a Georgia Fake ID in 2021

  Correct numbering,



  Ghost images, and


  A large number of fake ID services usually skip on one or more of these because of a variety of reasons ranging from the expensiveness of baking these features in the fraudulent IDs to the common perception that these aren’t checked properly. Laser-engraving all these details onto a bogus ID is pretty expensive.

  The first few checks that law enforcement officers, bank tellers, HR professionals, car rental agents, college officers, etc. do are as follows:

  1. Physical appearance checks

  If someone who can be easily pinpointed to be 20-ish in age shows an ID with a birthdate of 1970, then that’s an obvious lie. It might sound stupid, but an ever-increasing number of IDs getting caught in Georgia include this amateur mistake.

  Physical appearance transcends the apparent age. For example, height is a common metric that can be used to tell apart counterfeit IDs in Georgia – if someone is close to 6’0” but the ID lists them as 5’2” then that’s another obvious fallacy that determines that the ID used is fake.

  2. Spelling Mistakes

  Typos in fake Georgia IDs are more common than one would imagine. Spelling mistakes in the common words written in a Georgia ID (such as Class, Rest, End, ISS, SEX, HGT, WGT, EYES, EXP) are, apart from being a major red flag, are a major occurrence as well.

  3. Tampering

  A large number of IDs are not created as fake but tampered with to make them fake. This includes IDs that have a replaced photograph. In these cases, the image sticks out or feels thicker because of the added layer.

  4. Watermarks

  Just like all states, Georgia also has its specific set of watermarks and holograms. These are one of the first few things that officers will check. Watermarks are not only difficult to replicate, but they’re also hard to check. Officers in Georgia undergo routine training for spotting fakes and checking for watermarks is one of the initial steps.

  Georgia has recently adopted new training and laws for combating the rising issue of fake IDs. The usage of these ids throughout the state has already been rising to unprecedented levels and it was an alarming concern. The recent changes in law include more robust training of the official staff to curb fake ID usage as well as the utilization of newer information channels to educate service providers and other non-government sources. Consequently, ID checks have grown pretty sophisticated in Georgia.

  Apart from the illegal purchase of alcohol and financial fraud, fake licenses are used extensively on college and university campuses. Georgia has been pretty efficient in cracking down on certain types of fake ID usage. However, it’s very far from having a reliable and efficient arrangement in place.

  So, how are Georgian fraudulent IDs spotted and caught?

  Note that more sophisticated counterfeiters use several techniques to make their IDs more resilient to tests and checks.

  Further checks include:

  Material Test – : The material used in real IDs is bendable. Expert counterfeiters use the real material used in real IDs that bends in their fake IDs.

  Microprint – One of the most common ways to check for the legitimacy of an ID in Georgia. It’s the fine print that’s on all IDs. A low-quality fake ID will have an apparent flaw in its reproduction of the microprint. Very high-quality, fine, and clear microprint is hard to reproduce but not impossible. When done right, counterfeiters can pass through this check as well.

  Georgia ID Holograms – Holograms are impossible to recreate by any counterfeiting mechanism. IDs are checked for hologram discrepancies in more serious situations like if the person looks shady or the purchase in question is for a high amount. However, counterfeiters use detailed coloring technology that nearly matches actual holograms. This can allow fake IDs to pass as real in specific cases.

  Scannable Function – Premium fake id websites use scannable 1D and 2D barcodes that can be scanned and that pass all scan verification systems. IDs are scanned in many scenarios. This is a final test that will sort out any Georgia ID that is not real.

  There are security features that make fake IDs unable to emulate a real ID. These are paid the most attention to. Sometimes, they can be pretty simplistic stuff such as typos and watermarks as mentioned in the earlier sections. However, the newer ways of cracking down on fake ID usage in Georgia include a robust physical check.

  You see, fake IDs have been rampant and even though ways exist to tell a real ID apart from a fake one, if the people responsible for checking the IDs are not conscious and aware enough, then it’s of little help. That’s why the state has taken a different approach this time.

  They’re gearing up for mass awareness to combat fake IDs in Georgia more effectively. This awareness sure includes ways to actually determine a fake ID but more importantly, it tells people to be cautious. The awareness becomes highly weaponized when supplemented with the statistics involving the glaringly widespread number of fake IDs in circulation.

  This is a serious issue and the state of Georgia believes that the first step towards stopping fakes effectively is to first tell people about it – give them the hard facts.

  This information equips everyone from small-town bank tellers to car rental service providers with the necessary information to double-check all IDs they go through. Mostly, Georgia residents go for one of these four types of illegal IDs:

  Fake IDs that have been created using sophisticated software and technologies: These IDs closely resemble real IDs and are very hard to tell apart. Used for more serious crimes, these are usually created abroad with specialized equipment that allows these IDs to inherit a few of the qualities that are hard to replicate otherwise.

  Manufactured IDs – Created at home or in smaller operations and have some glaring differences from real IDs. These differences are still hard to see and nearly impossible to determine if given a quick look. These are used mostly in smaller towns all over Georgia.

  Tampered Georgian IDs – Alteration of a legal identity is a punishable offense as well. This can range from changing the photo to changing the name or date of birth. Used mostly for desperate bids to acquire services otherwise illegal for the holder (such as purchasing liquor), these are rampant all across Georgia.

  Using another person’s ID – People, especially when traveling to other parts of the state, can use other people’s IDs to purchase alcohol or commit crimes. Usually, a relative’s ID is used so no alteration is required. For example, if John Doe’s ID is used by his son David Doe, it’s nearly impossible to call it because the face might show some resemblance.

  A combination fake ID can also exist. For example, using another person’s ID and using your own photo on it is a combination of #3 and #4.

License Fraud

  Fake ID’s are not driver’s license fraud. The creation of counterfeit driver’s licenses and identification cards is not driver’s license fraud. The DDS does not investigate allegations that a person has made or used a counterfeit driver’s license or “fake ID” unless the complaint involves the actions of a DDS employee or DDS equipment. However, we do work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to assist with the determination of whether a suspected driver’s license or identification card was issued by the agency. Making and using fake ID’s are crimes.

  Ticket fraud is not driver’s license fraud. If you discover that someone else used your identity when they received a citation, and there is a conviction and/or license suspension on your driving record for an offense that you did not commit, this is not driver’s license fraud. The DDS cannot remove a fraudulent citation from your driving record without the authorization of the court that submitted the conviction. You must contact the court to prove to them that you were not the person cited. However, the DDS will provide you with information about the citation and contact information for the court to help you begin this process.

ἱ;Ἑ; Georgia ID

  Here you can find a detailed scan of the real Georgia ID card. You can compare your fake ID to the image on this page to see if your fake ID card is corresponding to the real state ID design, thus being save to use. Below you can see the detailed description of the specifics regarding the Georgia state ID design and features.


  Georgia is nicknamed “Peach State”. It is the 24th state by area (59,425 square miles) and the 8th state by population with over 10.2 million people. Its capital is Atlanta, being also its largest city. The motto of Georgia is “Wisdom, justice, moderation”. Minimum age to serve alcohol here is 18, and minimum age to bartend is 18. You have to be at least 16 years old to apply for the real ID in Georgia.

dmv requirements for california id how to tell if a georgia id is fake?