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california real id card Examples of Government Issued Photo Identification

california real id card Examples of Government Issued Photo Identification

Examples of Government Issued Photo Identification

  When you are required to verify the identity of individual clients or third parties, you can use the government issued photo identification method. This method of verification requires licensees to verify a client’s identity by relying on a valid, original, and current federal, provincial, or territorial government issued document containing the individual’s name, photograph, and unique identifier number. A foreign government issued photo identification is acceptable if it is equivalent to a Canadian issued photo identification document. However, photo identification documents issued by a municipal government, whether Canadian or foreign, are not acceptable. Privacy laws in Ontario also prohibit the use of an individual’s health card for identification or verification purposes (see the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario’s website).

  The government issued photo identification document must show the individual’s name, include a photo of the individual, and have a unique identifier number. To assist licensees in complying with the government issued photo identification method of verification, below are examples of acceptable government issued photo identification documents that may be used for verifying the identity of an individual. Licensees should note that this is not an exhaustive list.

  Canadian passport

  Permanent resident card

  Citizenship card (issued prior to 2012)

  Secure Certificate of Indian Status

  The Department of National Defence (DND) 404 Driver’s Licence

  British Columbia Driver’s Licence

  Alberta Driver’s Licence

  Saskatchewan Driver’s Licence

  Manitoba Driver’s Licence

  Ontario Driver’s Licence

  Québec Driver’s Licence

  New Brunswick Driver’s Licence

  Nova Scotia Driver’s Licence

  Prince Edward Island Driver’s Licence

  Newfoundland and Labrador Driver’s Licence

  Yukon Driver’s Licence

  Northwest Territories Driver’s Licence

  Nunavut Driver’s Licence

  British Columbia Enhanced ID

  Alberta Photo Identification Card

  Saskatchewan Non-driver Photo ID

  Manitoba Enhanced Identification Card

  Ontario Photo Card

  New Brunswick Photo ID Card

  Nova Scotia Identification Card

  Prince Edward Island Voluntary ID

  Newfoundland and Labrador Photo Identification Card

  Yukon General Identification Card

  Northwest Territories General Identification Card

  Nunavut General Identification Card

  British Columbia Services Card

  United States Global Entry Card

  NEXUS (United States or Canada)

  France driver’s licence

  United States passport

  Australian passport

  Pennsylvania driver’s licence

  This resource has been adapted for Ontario licensees with permission from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s Guidance for the Legal Profession (February 19, 2019). The information in this resource was originally sourced from FINTRAC.