NO Guestbook Spam Anymore!



You most likely have come to this site for one of two reasons:

If you want to do your part in getting rid of spam - YOU CAN!

You can do it, you have this right - because you own the piece of Internet, and the everywhere you look on the net there it is SPAM – no one wants it any more. We don’t have to put up with it.

You can eliminate this spam easily. Just follow the listing of steps below and you will NEVER get any kind of spam in your guestbook and so will help clean Internet of that terrible spam that we all hate so much.

Instructions for Eliminating Spam in Guestbooks with ProtectWebForm Service

Other Instructions for Eliminating Spam in Guestbook’s

Rename the url of your current guestbook and place text, like this one on your current url.

"Our guestbook has been moved to http://(your new url)".

Or better just eliminate current guestbook if you can afford it.

The reason is that most spammers use robots, which spam automatically - so they will be no longer available to post these spam messages to your new guestbook.

Most people post these spam messages because search engines rank your site better if they have more incoming links. So they post their urls in your guest book and get incoming link from your guestbook to make their ranking look better.

So you have 2 choices in dealing with your guestbook:


Choice 1. is clear and no more comments are required as you are totally in control of your guestbook.

Choice 2. Here is a bit of advice:

1) First off, change your guestbook or update it so that users are unable to post html in it altogether where it doesn't convert urls to the real link. So your guestbook will have NO outbound links in the message that is posted in your guestbook. Of course, you can leave "url" field, but do NOT convert it to real link. It will make spamming guestbook useless to others trying to spam your guestbook.

Another method is:

2) Make your guestbook disabled for robots. You can do it 2 ways. The first one just place "NO index tbd" in the head of your HTML or place it in robots.txt with instructions not to spider your guestbook. This will make impossible for spammers to find your guestbook - as it will never appear in search engines, and no robot will be able to find it using this simple addition to your guestbook.

If you would like to have an example of this guestbook - we can prepare it in Perl which is easy to use. You will be given the guestbook written in Perl, so you can install it on your website. But we can only do this if we get at least ten requests ... this is being done because I also want to keep the net clean.

Most importantly remember this:

If we all want it - we will succeed !

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